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Why choose Crazy Camel?

If you want to run fun, creative and meaningful fundraisers treasured by children and family members alike, here’s 6 reasons to choose a Crazy Camel fundraiser. 




Our fundraisers are well-loved and treasured by teachers, children and families.


Our fundraisers are not only fun, creative and meaningful, but are also profitable.


We create keepsakes that will last beyond the fundraiser.


Fundraising can be linked to what the children are learning in the classroom. Our teaching resource packs are designed with an emphasis on encouraging, challenging and extending the artistic abilities of all children.  


Select any or all of our products for your fundraiser - the choice is yours.


Anyone can do our fundraisers! They are simple to organise and everyone can participate!  

To Find out More:

  • If you are a Fundraiserclick here to order your free Information Pack

How to Order:

  • If you are a Fundraiserclick here to order your free Fundraising Kit.
  • If you are a Parent or Individual and want to order a photo based product, click here to upload your photo.

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