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Fundraising Made Easier

All our resources and postage & handling is provided free.

There are no up-front expenses or any pre-selling required.

You choose the products you’d like – one artwork can be used on all our products.

Everyone can participate whether they buy or not.

No group is too large or small, no person is too young or old.

Order anytime during the year and run the fundraiser when it suits.

Money back guarantee – if you’re not 100% satisfied we will replace or 100% refund you with a small gift to show we care.

We’re here to help you fundraise – call us anytime.

To Find out More:

  • If you are a Fundraiserclick here to order your free Information Pack

How to Order:

  • If you are a Fundraiserclick here to order your free Fundraising Kit.
  • If you are a Parent or Individual and want to order a photo based product, click here to upload your photo.

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