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Fundraising Made Easy with Online Ordering and Payments

When setting up your fundraiser, you can choose to collect funds through the school or from 2 online ordering options. 

Option 1: Online Payment

  • We provide you with customised parent order forms, which includes a unique link to our website, pricing, product information, and a cut-off date.
  • Parents visit our website and select the products they would like to receive and pay online.
  • Send us the children's artwork that orders have been placed for.
  • Products are produced and sent to the school along with your profit.

*To cover some of our EFT costs, a fee of 2% applies

And if you’d like to step things up further, we can even implement a personalised preview option:

Option 2: Online Preview and Payment

  • Send us the children’s artwork by class. We’ll scan, photoshop and upload to our online order and preview system.
  • Receive a unique web page for your children’s parents or families to use.
  • Parents select their child’s artwork by class and get to see their child’s finished artwork product(s)!
  • Ordering and payments are then made directly online as per option 1 above.
  • No class or identification code management, just one unique URL for your whole school.

*To cover some of our EFT & production costs, a fee of $1 per item ordered applies.